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California College of Arts and Crafts newsreel for June 1950

Published 1948 to 1950

Description: Documents activities at California College of Arts and Crafts between 1948 and 1950; portrays campus events, school functions, and field trips. Many of the segments are fragmentary, and there is no sound track. On screen text accompanies some footage; these have been transcribed when they occur.

Note inside original container: Comtes entertains at nursery -- Kanaka dance -- Some of the grads -- Marsh Creek picnic -- [Candid campus...] -- [Form in motion…] -- Faculty picnic -- Election- Silbia Pres. -- Trip to Arcata Humbolt [sic]

Source: 1 Reel of 1: Film: 16mm (color and black & white reversal mixed with black & white negative- transferred as positive)

Collection: California College of Arts and Crafts Archives

Rights: Copyrighted. Rights are owned by California College of the Arts Libraries. Copyright Holder has given Institution permission to provide access to the digitized work online. Transmission or reproduction of materials protected by copyright beyond that allowed by fair use requires the written permission of the copyright owner. In addition, the reproduction of some materials may be restricted by terms of gift or purchase agreements, donor restrictions, privacy and publicity rights, licensing and trademarks. Works not in the public domain cannot be commercially exploited without permission of the copyright owner. Responsibility for any use rests exclusively with the user.

Digitized by the California Audiovisual Preservation Project (CAVPP).

Run time 00:50:03
Production Company California College of Arts and Crafts
Audio/Visual Silent, Color and Black and White
Language English
Contact Information California College of the Arts Meyer Library, 5212 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618 Telephone: (510) 594-3658


1. (00:03-04:19) An outdoor party scene in a backyard setting, filmed through the afternoon and into the evening which features male and female students socializing, drinking beer, grilling hotdogs, eating, and dancing.
Text: Don Coates, Ray’s Brother
Text: Ray’s Mother And Father
Text: Great Dane Attacks Ken Wagner

2. (04:20-07:13) Preparation and performances at a Hawaiian-themed event.
Text: "Kanaka" Dance Sponsored By The Hawaiian Club.
Text: Bea Jay Johnston, Miss Hawaii 1949
Text: And Miss Arts & Crafts, 1950

3. (07:14-08:24) Graduating seniors with their names and degrees displayed on handwritten placards; they are arranged in sets of threes except for the graduating African American man who is by himself.
Text: Some Of The Graduating Seniors
Richard Heidsiek BA Ed. - Vincent Smith BA Ed. - R. Tarleton BA Ed.
Reed Springer BFA - Frances Leano, BFA - Gus Dahlstrom MFA
Art Pierce Cert. - Ward Williamson BAA - Tom Meyers Cert.
John Berry MFA - D.White BA Ed - W. Shiozawa BAA
Culver C-Cert., J. Hendry C-Cert - Chas R. Mishler C-Cert.
N.O. Cole BFA.
C. Gardinier BA Ed - W.M. Mello BFA - M.G. Holt MFA

4. (08:25-10:54) Students picnicking and swimming at Marsh Creek Springs Park.
Text: Alpha Epsilon Marsh Creek Picnic

5. (10:55-14:03) Students and faculty walking, chatting, and sitting around campus.
Text: Candid Campus Shots
Text: A B+ Would Be Fine Mr. Berg

6. (14:04-15:66) Several men taking pictures with a mirror of a steaming or smoking pool and rock formations on a windy day at the beach.
Text: Form In Motion Class On Location

7. (15:47-23:35) Color footage of faculty members traveling by car to a picnic spot by a creek, enjoying their picnic, cleaning up, and horsing around by the creek.
Text: Some Of The Faculty At A Picnic
Text: First We Get Mrs. Purdie
Text: Then, Mary Jo Chamberlain
Text: Mr. And Mrs. Oakeshott
Text: George Post And Alvin Fowler
Text: And Mr. M

8. (23:36-24:51) Scenes related to student elections.
Sign Texts: Telephone Girls Do It! Vote For Gloria +Young +Oyer +Johnston +Hong +Brousse / Don’t Be Funny Vote For Connie / Fink Chaplin Magario / Vote for Lynn Remelle
Text: The Winners: Pres. Gloria Sibilia / V.P. Ernie Young / Sec. Maramyn Miller / Treas. Barbara Johnston / Mens' Sgt. Joe Hong / Womens' Connie Brousse / N.S.A. Rep. Lynn Remelle

9. (24:52-33:19) Documentation of a field trip: driving to destination, picnicking, at lodgings, on the beach and other outdoor locations, visit to Humboldt State campus
Text: Form In Motion Class Takes a Leisurely Trip to Humbolt State College, Arcata, Cal, to Show Experimental Films as Guest of Mel Schuler.
Text: Jolly Ray Coates is the Life of the Party.
Text: Mel Schuler’s New Home, Arcata, Calif. (Class Of “47”)
Text: Ice Forms on an Arcata Beach.
Text: Group Visits Humbolt State College.
Text: Alumni Meeting (Unofficial) in Arcata. Hostess-Jane Howard Clark, Class of '34
Text: Water for the Radiator

Credits: I wish to take this means of expressing my appreciation and thanks to the one student, without whose interest and energy, the newsreel could hardly have been so successful. My wholehearted thanks, to Don White P.S. Here are a few of his trials and tribulations.
Louis Miljarak

10. (33:20-46:10) Short narrative film about a fictitious figure painting class on the second floor classroom of the Carriage House. Includes views of the Broadway gates and the corner of Broadway and College as it appeared circa 1950, and a scene in which the painting of Manual Neri, as the Non-Comformist, enrages the Professor into a tantrum, which results in Neri’s exile to a corner.
Title: Educational Feature - Figure Painting
Director: Louis Miljarak
Actors: Professor - Don Lepage, Careless Student - Bruce Russell, Non Conformist - Manuel Neri, Teacher’s Pet - Todd Paddock, Model - Barbara King, Cyclist - Mel Henderson
Also Ann Burton, Ron Hughes, Albert Borch, Peg Johnstone, Penny Dhaemers, Marsha Smith, Ruby Young

11. (46:15-50:00) Drama production in which drinkers at a Western Saloon consume poisoned liquor. At the finale the poisoner cowboy villain lights a cigar on the spur of his bare foot, everybody drops to the floor dead, and the cowboy-villain tip-toes out, over their fallen forms, as the curtains close on the stage.


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